Guaranteeing the quality and integrity of your international transactions.


International trade is on the rise and involves an increasing number of players including traders, brokers, banks, insurance companies and public bodies at both national and international level. In any transaction where goods are bought and sold, there is a transfer of ownership. This is made more complicated by the fact that the transaction is taking place across different countries. The various parties need guarantees from an independent third party to provide reassurance of the conformity of goods.


What are General Trade Services?
General Trade Services are third party inspection or brand audit services based on visual aspects and appearance. These can be provided at any stage of the production process along the supply chain.

Main objectives:
• Verification of product compliance in terms of workmanship and quantity
• Reduction of production errors rate
• Rationalization of commercial practices and optimization of production flow

What are the key benefits?
• Confidence in manufacturer's ability to deliver a product that meets your requirements.
• Minimize costs resulting from defects during the production process.
• A guarantee for the buyer that the goods ordered are the goods shipped.
• Ensure that goods or services meet current regulations and conform to contract specifications.