An innovative way to monitor and manage vehicle damage throughout the supply chain.


With increasing globalization, vehicle manufacturers have been re-engineering their production plant networks all over the world. To ensure optimum cost savings, specific countries are often chosen to specialize in the production of specific models. This has given rise to an inevitable trend in transporting vehicles from production countries to the final markets. During such journeys, vehicles are subject to varying degrees of damage throughout the supply chain. Apart from the cost of repairing damage, such incidents have some costly side effects: delayed delivery time to final customer, higher insurance costs, and a negative impact on brand image.


What is Vehicle Damage Tracking (VDT)?
During transport of vehicles, accurate inspections are performed at every point where responsibility changes from one party to another, following technical standards accepted by the major vehicle manufacturers. The information is delivered through a Web-based Management Tool developed and managed by Bureau Veritas and regularly updated, according to client needs.

What are the key benefits?

  • Monitor each vehicle (and damage) through every step in the Supply Chain.
  • Use management reports, charts and statistics to identify most common types and causes of damage.
  • Define corrective and preventive measures.
  • Recover repair cost for damage by searching history of each vehicle on the Bureau Veritas Web-Based Management Tool.
  • Negotiate reduced insurance premiums.
  • Keep technical criteria to evaluate damages standard along the Logistic Chain.